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1               2
  4                     5            
6         7                   8
  10     11    
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15                       16                  
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27                         28            

1.deficiency in blood supply
4.increase in the size of an organ or tissue or cell
5.plural of viscus; any large interior organ in any of the great body cavities, especially those in the abdomen
6.the condensed chromosomes by which a cell that is undergoing mitosis can be identified (2 Words)
9.the study of desease causes
12.produced by treatment
15.occurring in many different sites at the same time
16.helping, supporting, supplemental
17.present at birth
18.having a short course with a sudden onset
20.the removal of an entire tumor or lesion in addition to a margin of surrounding tissue for examination (2 Words)
22.membrane lining the walls of the abdominal and pelvic cavities and covering some of the organs in that area
26.of unknown cause
27.change in tissue to a lower or less active form
28.having a long course with a progressive onset
29.of or pertaining to the walls of an organ or cavity
1.pertaining to the groin
2.the abnormal increase in the number of normal cells in the normal arrangement in an organ or a tissue or a cell
3.the study of the nature, causes and development of abnormal conditions
7.the removal of a piece of a tumor or lesion for examination (2 Words)
8.pertaining to or affecting the body as a whole
10.pertaining to the armpit
11.a pathogenic growth distant from the primary disease site
13.tending to become progressively worse and result in death
14.a microorganism that invades and miltiplies in body tissues (2 Words)
19.capable of transmission from one animal to another
21.a dead body
23.tissue death
24.decrease in size or complete wasting of an organ or tissue or cell
25.not malignant, not recurrent, favorable for recovery

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