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A&P 1 Vital Signs

Ms. Crystal

Vital Signs Puzzle with emphasis on Temperature


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1._______ _________ is when heat is produced and nutrients are broken down in the cells.
5.T, P, R, and B/P
8.Recommended site for toddlers and preschoolers is______.
9.Heat regulating center of the body is the _____________.
10.Thermometer no longer used is the _____.
16.___________ is produced through voluntary and involuntary muscle contractions.
19.97-99F (36.1-37.2C)
21.During the course of a fever one can experience an increased___ and ___rate
22.Measures oral, axillary, and rectal temperatures; this is what type of thermometer.
3.When taking vitals, make sure you know the _____ _____ _____ for accurate readings
4.Most common way to take a temperature for adults is____.
6.Mouth, Axilla, Rectum, Ear,and Forehead are considered these.
7.When mosisture evaporates heat is released and ________ _______down.
11.Recommended site for infants and children is _____.
12.ear infection
13.99-100.4F this is considered a ____ ____ ______.
14.Below 97F is considered____.
15.Thermometer used frequently in the medical office is the______.
17.Temperature are usually measured in______.
18.This is the transfter of heat in the form of waves.

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