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#101.05 Ladder Company Operations

Fort Osage G.O.G. Review

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1.The ladder is designed to support a maximum of 400 _____ live load at the ladder tip
3.If loading capacity exceeds the safety limit (a red line condition) a warning _____ will sound
4.If operator's attention is diverted, ladder movement should be stopped and selector control moved to _____ position
6._____ Pressure Performed by opening windows or doors and pulling smoke out either by using an exhaust fan or by using a fog stream at the opening
8.Do not ____ the ladder on any type of support (window ledge, overhang, or other structure)
10.Ladder Company categories: forcible entry, search and rescue, ventilation, _____, salvage and overhaul
13.Forcible _____: Performed by forcibly opening doors or windows with any of the various tools carried on the apparatus to make entry possible
15.Operator should make a thorough inspection of area around apparatus to see that there are no _____
17.The operator should always keep _____ contact with the ladder
18.Positive _____: Performed by systematically opening doors and windows and using one or more fans to pressurize the structure with fresh air
19.To seek out hidden fire can be performed by various methods by feeling walls, around floors by touch, using a heat detecting device, or opening walls, floors, etc. This is defined as: _____
2.Ladder shall not be _____ during ladder placement
4._____ should be placed outside collapse zone and on a solid flat level surface if possible
5.Ladder occupants SHALL use approved ladder safety _____
7.Ladder operator should remain at the _____ during ladder use
9.The task performed to free victim(s) that are trapped or pinned in an auto wreck, building collapse, etc. This is defined as: _____
11._____ should be fully extended to get full stability of the ladder. Make sure the pins are in place
12._____ Ventilation: Performed by cutting a hole in the roof and taking a portion of the ceiling out above the seat of the fire
14.The ladder is designed as a _____ structure
16.Sudden ladder movement is magnified at the ___

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