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#101.21 Flag Protocol

Fort Osage G.O.G. Review

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9 10              

2.To put a flag at half ____, it should be raised full staff then lowered to half
5._____ display, the union should be at the peak of the staff, Vertical displays, the union should be at the top to the flags right
6.Flags can be displayed during _____ if properly illuminated
7.In the United States the flag is lowered to half staff on Memorial Day till ____
9.For 30 days after the death of the _____ or former President
12.If the flag is in company with just one other flag that flag should be at the national flags ____ side and just below level
13.From the day of death till _____ of an Associate Justice, Secretary of an executive department, or Governor of a state. Also any congressional member or delegate of Puerto Rico
1._____ displays, the national flag should be center and above all local, state and private flags or pennants
2.For 10 days after the death of the Vice President, Chief Justice, Former Chief Justice, or the _____ of the House of Representatives
3.B. No other flag or pennant should be placed above or at same level, or to the right of the national ____
4._____ can order flags to half staff in their states upon the death of state officials
8.The flag should not be displayed at times of inclement _____ when the flag could be damaged
10.When lowering it should be _____ to full staff before lowering
11.Local (within a jurisdictional entity) periods of mourning, the flag can be placed at half mast within the _____ jurisdiction

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