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Midterm Review

1       2    
  3       4  
5           6     7 8
    9   10              
11     12        
15           16          
  17             18            
20                               21        
22                       23              
  24       25
26             27 28             29

1.a big wave
3.how much you have
5.extra money you pay for loans and credit cards
9.something new that helps people, like computers, phones, and light bulbs.
14.to touch or surround something (like a country)
16.how much you want
17.something you can use/eat
18.to use again (verb)
20.something that you think. Other people cannot take this to make money
23.lines on a map that go left to right
26.something someone does for you
28.building where people make things like shoes, clothes
30.water from the river and oceans goes into the city
31.another word for "work"
32.something you must have to survive
33.very big storm in the ocean. They can destroy cities near the beach.
2.great/ really good
4.lines on a map that go up and down
6.where you keep your money in a bank
7.trees, rivers, lakes, sky, ocean, forest, grass
8.to sell something to other countries
10.mountain with hot magma inside (magma is really hot)
11.something that protects your invention so no one will copy it
12.to make
13.can be used again (adjective)
15.tells people to about natural disasters
19.picture that a company has. Like Nike, McDonalds, and adidas.
21.anything bad for the environment
24.the study of buying, selling, and making things
25.how many cars are driving on the road
27.When someone gives you money if you don’t have enough. You pay them back later
29.3-D ball that spins. It looks like the earth

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