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Respiratory System

Claire Reinhard

Structure and function of the Respiratory System

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3.These two structures are made up of lobes
5.The left lung is ________ than the right lung
6.This structure is shaped like a Frisbee
9.Warming and filtration of the air occurs in which region of this system U______
11.Ciliated columnar epithelial cells produce this thick fluid
13.Sub-region of pharynx which can be seen when you open your mouth
16.When nerve endings in the lower respiratory system become irritated you produce what reflex action
17.The lungs contain smaller, multiple bronchi known as _______
18.The nose contains hair whose main purpose is to_F________the air
19.Also known as the voice box
20.Part of the respiratory system P_________
1.Oxygen/CO2 exchange occurs specifically in which structure
2.This is also known as the windpipe
4.Inflammation of the respiratory system is also known as what health condition
7.What is the main purpose of this system (3,8) (2 Words)
8.This skin flap stops foodstuff entering the lungs
10.The C-shaped rings are made up of
12.Alveoli are surrounded by which type of blood vessel
14.The lungs are supplied by which main artery in the body
15.External respiration occurs in the

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