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Food Safety 167

Use the Good Food, Safe Food video to help you to fill in the crossword.

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1.This insect likes dark warm areas like fridge motors, carries bacteria on their bodies.
4.A good reason to stop rubbish building up and using tight fitting lids should prevent these.
6.A perfect place for the transfer of bacteria.
7.Bacteria multiply by doubling every ................ minutes.
10.This bacteria can be present on the skin, mouth and nose.
11.Clean and ironed before every shift in Hospitality please!!
15.A bacteria easily transferred from unwashed hands.
18.No food worker should be working if they are sick with this!!
19.80% of all food poisoning could be avoided if this is done thoroughly by all food workers!
20.Should be removed (especially from hands) before handling food.
2.The transfer of bacteria from raw food to cooked food.
3.Harmful bacteria that can cause illness through food.
5.Pre-prepared cooked foods such as cooked ham, egg products and dairy products.
8.Can transfer bacteria such as Salmonella to prapared food if not covered.
9.Bacteria need a .............. source to grow on.
12.Ideally 37 degrees celcius is the ................ bacteria love to grow in.
13.Used with hot water to clean equipment and utensils.
14..................... hygiene is essential for anyone working in Hospitality.
16.A requirement for bacterial growth.
17.Kills bacteria.

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