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Mr Posthuma

1 2
5 6                    
7           8        
      9 10
13       14   15            

3.Republic of Ireland international that used to manage Newcastle
5.Raphael, former Hamburg and Holland striker with a sweet left foot
7.Pint-sized striker who loves scoring goals
8.The famous trophy spurs have triumphed in the most at the club
11.Former England and Liverpool legend who finished his career at Spurs
13.Tom, who has a hammer in his right foot
1.The home of Tottenham Hotspur
2.Former England manager who sang a terrible song called Diamond Lights
4.Former skipper that played despite having diabetes
6.Spurs fans have a bitter rivalry with during derby matches with these near neighbours
9.Harry, former manager who has just left
10.Club stalwart who only played for Spurs in the 70's and 80's
12.Croatian midfielder Luka, who might be moving to a new club
14.Current chairman
15.Former chairmen, now says You're Fired a lot on TV

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