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Music Puzzle


A puzzle with terms that use musical pitches.

1     2 3
5     6  
8     9 10    
  11       12
  14 15  
16       17      
19   20    

1.You do this sometimes with paint to fix a small spot
4.What some people do for long periods on the phone
5.A necessity for carrying things
8.You can't subtract this from the math
10.The short form of the first name of a famous American President
11.The name of a cute little cartoon pig
16.It may be the only way to get something
17.An old term for someone who isn't a gentleman
18.A nice place to be at night
19.Tries to sell you something
20.In addition to your Mom you have/had one of these
2.Fish and foul both make this
3.If you're not living you are probably this
5.A word used now to mean good.
6.Every suit in your deck of cards will have one of these
7.You often find a bird in this
8.Count your years and you'll know this
9.Use this and a bunch more for a necklace
12.A good one is a benefit to all
13.A medical diagnosis technique
14.Swallow the wrong way and this might happen
15.Sometimes you need to take one to get somewhere
16.An important insect for life on this planet

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