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OSI Layer

Brian Whalen

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1.The _________ layer provides a standardization process.
5.A message that is broken up into small pieces are known as ______________.
6.Detecting and correcting frame transmit errors are accomplished within the ___________ layer.
8.The _____________ layer is a means of sending data over network devices.
9.Contains the MAC address.
10.Packets are routed according to unique network device addresses in the ____________ layer.
12.Protocol that does not require an acknoledgement.
14.The __________ layer maintains logical links between systems.
17.Is a protocol used mainly for web access.
18.This port is used to transfer data files.
19.There are 32 of the used in IPv4.
2.Compression and de-compression take place in what layer.
3.The _____________ layer can provide riliable and sequential packet delivery through error recovery and flow control mechanisms.
4.Port 25
7.Uses port 143 and only deletesmessages at the users request.
8.Is a small block of data that is sent independently to an end computer.
11.Port 23
13.Uses port 110. Is more desireable when storage space is an issue.
15.Port ________ is used for HTTP.
16.The number of layers in the OSI model.
17.Port 443.

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