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Administrative Stops


Use Administrative Stops Supplement and the link to CC-04 to answer these questions.

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3.When law enforcement or the DMV regional office is contacted, the ___ ___ must be notified immediately.
4.The Palma Sola office is under the ____ ___ departments jurisdicton.
6.For possible odometer fraud by an individual, supervisors contact the ___.
10.An administrative stop ___ further title actions.
12.Lakewood Ranch is under the ___ ___ ___ departments jurisdiction.
14.Associates and supervisors should never accuse customers of an ___ ____.
15.In all cases, ___ documents should be retained, if possible.
1.This form must be completed when law enforcement or the DMV regional office are contacted.
2.Supervisors will call the ___ ___ for instruction.
5.When the administrative stop comes up, go to your supervisor with ___ ___ .
7.If you become __ or any transaction, notify your supervisor.
8.Typically, the help desk will request that you fax all ___ to them for research in determining the next step.
9.For possible identity fraud by dealer or involving dealer work, supervisors would contact ___ _____.
11.An administrative stop may be placed because the owner has a criminal history or an ___ ___ for their arrest.
13.The goal of an administrative stop is that law enforcement wants to be ___ when an attempt is made to process a title.

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