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Stuart Gedal

2   3
    4               5    
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  12 13                    
14                 15  

4.A type of story based on complete misinformation (THREE WORDS; NO SPACES OR HYPHENS)
6.A linking word that tells that the idea that is about to begin is similar to the idea that was described before.
8.A story based on superstition (THREE WORDS; NO SPACES OR HYPHENS)
10.An adjective that describes a very powerful, exciting story (TWO WORDS, NO SPACES OR HYPHEN).
13.A very large number; record-breaking.
14.A very bad or very frightening dream.
16.Someone who is always telling a teacher, a parent, for a baby-sitter about the behavior of other children (TWO WORDS, NO SPACE AND NO HYPHEN)
17.An adjective for things or events that are very frightening!
18.An excuse for not getting something done (TWO WORDS; NO SPACES OR HYPHEN).
19.Describes a person who prefers to keep to himself and avoid other people.
1.A type of story that has a moral lesson and in which the main characters are animals.
2.When someone has just won the lottery or gotten something they want, an expression you might say to them is " _________ ___________!" (TWO WORDS; NO SPACE AND NO HYPHEN)
3.Smooth and cool!
5.This word describes something that has never happened before.
7.Has all the parts of a novel (a plot, characters, a climax, and resolution of a problem) but is not as many pages as a novel.
9.This kind of story is an old, old story about famous people and events in the past.
11.A temporary shelter for camping.
12.This kind of story usually features gods and goddesses.
15.A type of story that is often about children who are lost (TWO WORDS; NO SPACES)

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