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Anesthesia 2

1                 2 3 4
  6 7                    
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  11                     12                  
  14           15  
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    21   22                   23
26                                           27 28
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38       39                      

1.the flap at the back of the tongue that covers the opening of the trachea
7.the act of inhaling foreign material into the respiratory tract
8.low blood concentration of oxygen
10.a syringe mounted on the end of a pole used as a remote method of injection for potentially dangerous animals (2 Words)
11.collapsed or airless state of the lung
12.the mixture of gases exhaled from a patient under anesthesia, including oxygen, carbon dioxide, and inhalation anesthetic agents (2 Words)
15.endotracheal tube
16.an agent that inhibits the flow of saliva
19.a set of emergency equipment and supplies kept together and easily accessible (2 Words)
20.placement of the endotracheal tuve into the trachea
22.a standard set of measurement of round objects in which three units equal one millimeter (example: 24 French = 8 mm) (2 Words)
24.to administer in repeated small doses until the desired outcome is obtained (3 Words)
26.decrease in respiratory rate and/or volume (2 Words)
29.a subjective measurement of muscular relaxation and anesthetic depth assessed by the resistance of the jaw to being opened (2 Words)
30.an instrument for opening or destending a body orifice
31.pounds per square inch
32.a subjective measurement of muscular relaxation and anesthetic depth assessed by the resistance of the limb to being pulled and extended (2 Words)
35.any condition that renders a line of treatment improper or undesirable
37.induction of anesthesia with inhalation agents delivered through an anesthetic mask placed over the face of the patient (2 Words)
38.intermittent positive pressure ventilation
39.an instrument for illumination and visual examination of the larynx
40.millimeters of mercury (2 Words)
2.surgical manipulations that may induce the unconscious perception of pain and result in a response such as increased HR or RR (2 Words)
3.an apparatus designed to assist or control pulmonary respiration
4.an opening in the side of an endotracheal tube near the tip that aids to prevent obstructions of the tube (2 Words)
5.the point at which the structures of the neck enter the cranial end of the thoracic cavity, formed by the first thoracic vertebra, the first pair of ribs and the manubrium (2 Words)
6.sustained overinflation of the lungs due to a closed pop-off valve in a rebreathing circuit, causing compression of the caudal vena cava and leading to cardiac failure (3 Words)
9.local anesthesia, loss of sensation of specified areas of the body without loss of consciousness (2 Words)
13.prolonged Stage 2 excitement during recovery from anesthesia that may include thrashing and the potential for trauma (2 Words)
14.decrease in heart rate, stroke volume and/or contraction strength (2 Words)
17.vaporizer out of circuit
18.a balloon surrounding an endotracheal tube that is inflated to create a seal in the trachea that prevents the leakage of anesthetic gases
21.nitrous oxide
23.removal of the ET tube from the trachea
25.rebreathing system, closed system (2 Words)
27.end tidal carbon dioxide
28.drug enforcement agency
33.a respiratory stimulant
34.nil per os (nothing by mouth)
36.internal diameter

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