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1 2 3 4
  5           6          
7       8   9                            
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5.projecting part
7.femorotibial joint
9.light, latticework found at the ends and inner portions of long bones (2 Words)
10.movement toward the midline of the body
11.movement away from the midline of the body
13.crescent-shaped fibrocartilages found in some joints, such as the stifle, that provide stability while permitting normal movement
14.a band of fibrous connective tissue that connects muscle to bone
15.trench or hollow depressed are
16.inflammation of the intervertebral disc and vertebrae
17.broken bone in which there is an open wound in the skin (2 Words)
20.soft spots remaining at eh junction of sutures in the skull that usually close after birth
23.skull, spine, ribs and sternum (2 Words)
25.a decrease in the angle of a joint
26.dislocation or displacement of a bone from its joint
27.phagocytic cells that eat away bone
28.rounded projection
29.broken into multiple pieces
1.carpal joint of large animals or the stifle of small animals
2.broad flat projection
3.bones of appendages = limbs (2 Words)
4.hole or opening
8.a band of fibrous connective tissue that connects bone to bone
17.hand, dense, strong bone (2 Words)
18.a semimovable joint where two bones join and are held firmly together so that they function as one bone
19.tough, fibrous tissue that forms the outer covering of bone
21.an increase in the angle of a joint
22.thin, flat plate
24.jagged line where bones join and form a non-movable joint, typically found in the skull

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