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Biology OSU Midterm 2

Charles Heflin

Ohio State Biology Summer Semester 2012 Midterm 2 Study

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  41                 42            

1.Two alleles are different
11.Full set of DNA present in an individual organism
13.A macromolecule that stores information (2 Words)
14.Altering the sequence of bases in an organism's DNA
16.Mutations that can occur because of cigarette smoke and other chemicals (3 Words)
20.Mutations that arise by accident (2 Words)
21.Last name of person who was first convicted using DNA evidence
22.A copy of the gene's base sequence is made
23.Used garden pea plants to study how traits were inherited
25.46 one from mother one from father, Long strands of DNA and associated proteins
26.Depend on more than one gene, most inherited traits are these (2 Words)
27.Interpret the mRNA code
30.Chart used to express genotype and phenotype (2 Words)
31.Represented by a capital letter (2 Words)
33.Two capitol T's (2 Words)
34.Outward expression of the individual, EX Short or Tall
37.Labled as C
38.Sickle cell, Cystric Fibrosis, Huntington's Disease. One single gene is mutated (3 Words)
39.Labeled as U
40.Labeled as T
41.The base on one side of ladder binds via hydrogen bonds to a base on the other side of the ladder and form the rungs of the dna ladder (2 Words)
42.Each gene can have several of these or alternate forms
2.A copy is used to direct the production of a polypeptide, which later folds into a protein
3.X-Rays and other forms of radiation can cause these mutations (3 Words)
4.Labeled as G
5.A polygenic trait that is influenced also by the environment (2 Words)
6.Nitrogen containing molecule in DNA
7.Two lower case t's (2 Words)
8.When one base pair in the DNA is substituted for another or when a base pair is inserted or deleted (2 Words)
9.Middleman molecule, takes information into the cytoplasm
10.A part of a DNA molecule that indicates start of a gene by telling RNA polymerase (2 Words)
12.Changes to the overall organization of the genes on a chromosome (2 Words)
15.Individual units of nucleic acids
16.Down Syndrome, Klinefelter Syndrome (2 Words)
17.Hold the detailed instructions for the building of an organism
18.Only has two alleles (2 Words)
19.During meiosis, only one copy of each gene is placed into each of these
24.The process of progressively linking together amino acids specified by mRNA strand (2 Words)
28.Three base sequence
29.Represented by a lower case letter
32.Two alleles are the same
35.Labeled as A
36.A sequence of bases in a DNA molecule that carries information necessary for producing afunctional product

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