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microbiology 1


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1.This medium able to support the growth of more fastidious microorganisms by having more growth factors.
5.It will germinates to produce an elongating filament, or hypha .
6.Type of microorganism
7.Rod shape cell (singular)
8.Organism that lack of nucleus and membranous organelles
9.Microorganisms that grow in a culture medium
11.Type of reproduction for yeast.
12.The science and study of microorganisms
13.It known as informational parasites.
15.This medium suitable for obligate anaerobes, particularly contains chemicals (reducing agents) that deplete molecular oxygen.
16.A pile or mass of a sufficiently large number of cells, growing on or in solid medium.
17.It will invades and depends on host for life.
18.Use for locomation in bacteria and some eukaryotic cells.
19.Sticky protective layer outside the cell wall of some bacteria, shows it is virulent.
2.Wall of bacteria.
3.Typically this medium is use as broth to increase the number of microorganism to detectable level.
4.Medium that comes from partially digested proteins from various organism sources such as yeast.
10.This medium is designed to suppress the growth of some microorganisms while allowing the growth of others.
12.This medium can be differential and selective agar in the same time.
14.Media containing agar or some other, mostly inert solidifying agent

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