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microbiology 3


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1.Antimicrobial agents produced by some microorganisms that kill or inhibit other microorganisms.
5.Bacteria cell need to be protect by this chemical before preserved in low temperature.
6.It is impossible to identify contamination when using this culture medium.
11.If you use low temperature, then you need to spend more time. If you use higher temperature, you may shorten the time.
12.Radiation that can alter your DNA and can be use as sterilisation method.
15.You can only use this method to sterilise some heat sensitive solution.
17.Some can be found in landfills.
19.Common antiseptic use on skin.
1.Steam under pressure.
2.You can use this tool to subculture fungi or mould. (2 Words)
3.This should be avoid when you do cultivation of microorganism.
4.This should be done a few times if you are trying to obtain a pure culture.
7.Agents that kill microorganisms, but not necessarily their spores. Not safe for application to living tissues.
8.Chemical use to preserve food. The taste become salty. (2 Words)
9.Also known as intermittent boiling.
10.The destruction of all microorganisms.
12.Incubate the petri dish culture in this position. (2 Words)
13.Gas use to sterilise drinking water.
14.Loop is sterilised by this way.
16.You can use this to tape the petri dish.
18.Suffix that shows the chemical can kill.

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