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The Rule of Names

Neill J. Chaffin

1       2
3   4            
    5 6 7
8               9    
  10                 11   12              
13 14              
15                       16    
  18       19             20                
    22                         23          
26                       27  
      28   29            
31         32              
    34     35              

1.inquired; asked; snooped (implies disapproval)
3.the opposite of cross-eyed; having eyes that turn abnormally outward and affecting normal vision
8.muscle spasm; tic; to move spasmodically
10.up-to-date; not hitherto known; new (implies disapproval or suspicion)
12.showing disdain or lack of respect or consideration; contemptuous towards; prideful
15.able to produce the desired results; efficacious; useful; productive
18.subject matter to be taught; prescribed course of study
20.irritation; displeasure; ire
22.going along with and joining in with
23.showing little outward emotion or sensibility; stoic
26.shamed; ill at ease; discomfited
28.an entrance room; vestibule
32.a small, short-handled axe
33.hint; vestige; remnant; remains
34.filled; saturated
36.going along the surface of
37.money paid for the return of a captive
38.having the geometrical shape of a cone; a round and tapered form
2.usual, routine, or normal setting or standard; lacking other alternatives
4.able to read and write
5.by or according to all available or known facts or knowledge
6.separated; parted from; apart from; not connected
7.held or grasped tightly
9.charged with carbon dioxide, as of soda, wine, etc.; shining; scintillating; effervescent; bubbling
11.offspring; child; progeny
13.of good name or reputation
14.loving or liking; showing partiality towards
16.heedless; without adequate planning or consideration
17.the people of a particular time and/or age
19.hex; spell; charm; magical formula
21.mussed; disarranged; bedraggled
24.well-mannered; courteous; respectful
25.often; on a numerous and recurring basis
27.openings in the nose through which air is taken
29.almost always silent; not talkative; laconic
30.feeling; probing
31.anger; ire; rage
35.a type of salt-water fish prized as food

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