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2.The best of people are the ones with a c _ _ _ n heart and truthful tongue.
4.Today's music and songs promote violence, _b _ _ _ _ _ language.
5.when gheebah is taking place where ypu're present, you should try and change the t_ _ _ c
8.listening to loud music while driving causes a_ _ i _ _ _ _ s
9.doing s_ _ _ _m to each other strengthens love between us.
11.doing gheebah is equal to eating the dead flesh of ones own _ _ o _ _ _ r
1.g_ _ _ b _ _ causes disunity and separation
2.Music takes one away from the rememberance of his c_ _ _ _ o _
3.Every punishment from Allah is pure j _ s _ _ _ e
6.Music is not allowed in islam because it takes you to f_ _ _ _ _ y and away from the real world
7.A true believer does not break his own r _ _ i _ _ _ nfor the sake opf not breaking the heart of someone else.
10.Music controls your _ _ _ d

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