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by Henry Ford

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1.The ______________________ rate tells you how many cars people are getting rid of.
5.When production is slow, Americans say that it is ______________.
7.Abbreviation for Seasonally Adjusted Annual Rate
9.In, the US, ___________________ capacity is a little above 60%.
10.When car dealers do not have enough cars at the dealer ready to sell (TWO WORDS; NO SPACE; NO HYPHEN)
11.When gasoline prices are spiking, they are _________________ quickly.
13.Appealing to the desire of consumers for new designs and new "looks" for their cars.
14.Putting your household balance sheet back in balance.
15.One of the "3 Cs"
2.Whether you are a country or a household, the policy of being careful with how you spend your money is called _______________.
3.Americans who are tired of saving money and want to start spending again are ____________________________. (TWO WORDS; NO SPACE; NO HYPHEN)
4.If you pay all of your bills, your credit _________________________ will be high.
6.When banks did not collect complete proof of a borrower's salary, they gave loans with inadequate documentation.
8.It is about automobiles.
12.The ______________________ of the current recession was in early summer of 2008.

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