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Anchin Summer Scavenger Hunt

Teacher Anthony

Find all the items on our list!

1 2 3 4
    5       6    
  9     10     11    
14     15          
    16 17  
18   19                  
    22       23

5.you use this to wash your hair
7.red, round fruit
9.you use this to write, has an eraser
12.dogs eat this
13.chickens lay these, we fry them
14.green vegetable that looks like a tree
19.you use this to wash your teeth
20.little, round, dark red fruit with long stem; many
22.delicious and sweet bread with cream that you eat on your birthday
24.sweet drink made out of fruit
1.round, orange fruit you can peel
2.white drink the cows make
3.long, yellow fruit you can peel
4.you use this when you go to the bathroom
6.meat from animals that say OINK
8.used to make toast; use for sandwiches
10.brown and delicious, is next to the candy
11.little, white rock used in candy, chocolate and ice cream
15.orange root that looks like a triangle
16.made out of milk; orange and white; stinky
17.sweet and different colors, is next to the chocolate
18.meat from animals that say MOOOO
20.sweet; it looks like a circle
21.little, white rock that is friends with pepper
23.meat from swimming animals

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