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Parts of Body

Zoie Smith

Can you guess the parts of the body, with the clues given.

2       3
5   6      
7       8      
9           10    
  14   15   16
18       19        

2.You use it to speak with.
6.You have ten of them
7.Some people say you have 8, some say 10.
9.It is the hair attached to your eyes
11.They are in between your shoulder and hands
12.They are on your fingers and toes
13.You sit on it.
14.They are found in your mouth.
17.You put shoes on them.
18.You can´t walk without them .
19.You use them to see with.
1.Helps you to breathe.
3.You either use your left or right to write with
4.It holds your body together.
5.Allows you to bend your legs.
8.It is the hair that is above your eyes.
10.You can´t breathe without it.
15.You listen with them
16.You can make the action Yes and No with

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