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Dosage Calculation

Jan Daniels

1 2         3           4
  5     6        
  9                     10      
13                             14  
16 17                                  

2.The amount of the drug that the patient is to take at a single time.
5.Medication, usually liquid in a gelatin shell; not designed to be opened.
7.A solid disk or cylinder that contains a drug plus inactive ingredients.
9.Amount of drug contained in each dosage unit.
11.Medication tablets having indented lines indicating where they may be broken or divided.
13.Medication administered under the skin by injection.
15.Medication administered between the layers of skin.
17.The volume of liquid or number or solid dosage units that contain the desired dose.
18.Many medications are available in liquid form.
19.Oval-shaped gelatin shell, usually in two pieces, that contains powder or granules.
20.Medication administered into a muscle by injection.
1.Special capsule that contains coated granules to delay that release of the medication.
3.Medications that dissolve only in the alkaline environment of the small intestines.
4.How long the medication will last the patient if taken correctly.
6.Oval-shaped pill similar to a tablet but having a coating for easy swallowing.
8.Medication delivered directly to the bloodstream.
10.Measures the amount of drug per dosage unit.
12.Medications that releases slowly into the bloodstream over several hours.
14.The amount of drug the physician has ordered and the frequency that is should be taken or given.
16.The unit by which the drug will be measured when taken by or given to the patient.

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