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Celebrating August 12 - Middle Child Day & George's Birthday!

S. Ritchie

1 2
5     6
  7       8          
12                           13
14                   15      

3."You could call them pies," George explained once, "Or you could call them..."
4.What did George do for 'street kids'?
7.Middle children are usually artistic; true or false?
8.George's toy was a...
10.Middle children usually develop gifted... what?
12.August 12 2012 (8/12/12) is the 250th anniversary of...
14.Which word describes middle children: Warmaker or Peacemaker?
15.Middle children can be great sucesses! True or false?
16.As adults, middle children sometimes create their own...
1.Marrying Mrs Fitzherbert was George's...
2.Middle children usually feel... what?
5.George particularly liked vegetables from what region?
6.What stringed instrument could George play?
9.Choose the right answer: George [did/did not] have many friends.
11.Are middle children usually given a fair portion of hand-me-downs?
13.George was physically disabled at the...

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