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Vietnam War

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4.Agent .......... was on of the most frequently used herbicides
6.The American Prime Minister who committed troops to Vietnam
10.VC stands for
11.Involuntary involvement in the war
13.Gelled petrol used in Vietnam
14.The Australian Prime Minister who committed troops to Vietnam
15.Australia went to war because of a fear of .................
16.The NVA infiltrated south along the Ho Chi Minh ........
1.Which country was divided along the 38th parrallel of latitude?
2.The ............. theory is the fear of one country after the other falling to communism
3.Capital of North Vietnam
5.The style of warfare used by the Viet Cong
7.What does the O in SEATO stand for?
8.Capital of South Vietnam
9.Tactic of the Viet Cong constructed by women and children
12.North Vietnam was communist and South Vietnam was ............

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