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False Friends

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  6             7        
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1.She cries easily; she is a very __________ girl. (=sensible)
4.What is the _________ verb to use in this sentence? (=bon)
5.I am ____________ working on a very complicated file. (=actuellement)
6.I was very ____________ when my favourite cyclist crashed during his race. (=déçu)
8.My high school French _______________ was from Quebec. (=professeur)
9.I need to ____________ $20 from my savings account. (=retirer)
10.A place where you can purchase books (=une librairie)
12."Enterprise" is a car ___________ company. (=location)
14.I didn't have time to read the article - can you give me a short _________ of it?
17.We need to buy some new office ____________. (=fournitures)
19.This is our company's _________________. (=politique)
20.The judge had to decide if the man was guilty in the murder ______. (=procès)
21.How many meetings do you __________ per week? (=assister à)
22.I can't ____________ the humidity! (=supporter)
2.These scientists conduct many ____________ in their lab. (=expériences)
3.Did you take a lot of notes during the professor's _________? (=cours magistral)
7.He is doing a 3-month _______________ with this company. (=stage)
10.Do have curtains or __________ on your windows? (=des stores)
11.He ____________ the lunch special at the restaurant. (=commander)
13.This summer there will be a gathering for my 10-year high school __________. (=retrouvailles)
15.Here is the _____________ for today`s meeting. (=l'ordre du jour)
16.I am going on a business _____________ to Toronto next month. (=voyage)
18.We own some __________ in this company (=des actions)

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