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Ancient Egyptian Facts

Ms. Daly

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2."King" of the Egyptian gods
4.Main religion in Egypt today
9.Writing style unique to Ancient Egypt
10.Deadly animal that lives in the Nile
12.The capital of Egypt
14.The river that runs through Egypt
15.Which Pharaoh had 8 wives?
16.Last pharaoh of Egypt (female)
17.Egyptian Sky goddess
18.Massive monument, half lion, half human
1.The symbol of eternal life in Ancient Egypt
3.The process of removing a corpses' organs and wrapping it in bandages
5.Which country is Egypt in?
6.The animal that the Last Pharaoh used to commit suicide
7.Egypt is located in this type of climate...
8.One of these is on the Seven Great Wonders of the Ancient World list
11.Official name for Kings of Egypt
13.Which alcoholic beverage was invented in Egypt?
16.Egyptians believed this family pet to be sacred

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