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Causes of the American Revolution

Mr. Young

1 2 3 4 5
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        14 15  
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6.when a person or company owns or controls most or all of a product or service
7.an import tax--usually called a tariff
8.Act allowing the British Army to place in the colonies and the Americans had to pay to keep them there
9.these documents allowed British officials to search a place without telling the owner why or what they are searching for
11.Act that placed a tax on molasses-an important product used in the colonies
12.last name of the man who persuaded Virginia to join the American revolution
16.Meeting of the colonies to help plan the American response to the British Actions
17.Act which placed a tax, and lowered the price, on the most popular drink in the colonies
19.Act that placed a tax on printed documents like contracts, playing cards, and newspapers
20.when the government gets rid of a law or action
21.phrase explaining why the British left the colonies alone, as long as materials kept coming from the American colonies
1.Event when some men dumped over 2000 pounds of tea into Boston Harbor so the tax wouldn't be paid on it
2.The year a British Proclamation banned Americans from moving west of the Appalachian Mountains
3.first two words of a rhyme saying what the colonies wanted in exchange for paying taxes
4.these committees sent letters to other colonies saying what the British were doing
5.last two of words of the rhyme saying what the colonies wanted in exchange for paying taxes
10.Event where British soldiers shoot a group of angry Americans--killing 5 people
13.an organized protest where people refuse to buy goods from a place until the people get what they want
14.These acts closed Boston Harbor, limited the power of Massachusetts's governments, and put soldiers in
15.a written complaint to the government to change or stop doing something
18.last name of the first man who suggested the colonies unite to beat an enemy

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