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1.Angle above the horizontal is the angle of ...
6.Another word for distance
9.When you multiply a number by itself you get a ...
10.Angle below the horizontal is the angle of ...
11.The line opposite the right angle in a triangle.
12.The line which isn't the hypotenuse, next to the angle in a triangle.
16.Every degree is broken into 60 of these.
18.an up-down line
19.This is measured in degrees, minutes and seconds.
20.Abbreviated to tan on your calculator
2.The study of triangles.
3.The line opposite the angle in a triangle.
4.There are 360 of these in a revolution
5.something which connects two points
7.a left-right line
8.Abbreviated to cos on your calculator
13.Another word for length.
14.A figure with three straight sides and three corners.
15.Every minute is broken into 60 of these.
17.Abbreviated to sin on your calculator

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