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Revolution and Confederation

Helene R Levenson

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2.NJ site of Washington's surprise attack on British mercenaries
5.True or False: Confederation Congress could regulate trade
7.36 square mile section
9.German mercenaries hired by Great Britain
15.Adams gave this state constitution's governor ________ power over laws
16.British postwar trade limits with America because of this policy
17.Confederation Articles amendment required _______________ consent
23.prohibited in the Northwest Territories
24.wrote Declaration of Independence
25.sought to betray West Point to the British
27.British colony refusing to join the Revolution
28.Protestant denomination most likely to be Tory
29.Enlightenment philosopher influencing Declaration of Independence
30.Morris sought a 5% import tax to pay off _________ from the war
1.pro-British Mohawk Indian leaders, brother and sister Joseph and Mary
3.port town ceded to Spain by British, 1783
4.True or False: Confederation Congress could draft troops
6.site of Cornwallis defeat
8.led revolt of Massachusetts farmers, 1786 - 1787
10.Articles of Confederation omitted this leadership branch
11.key command decision by Washington to inoculate against __________
12.NY battle, Burgoyne surrenders, Revolutionary War turning point
13.state constitution establishing "checks and balances" to legislature
14.one-house legislature
16.western US boundary after Treaty of Paris, 1783
18.Confederation Congress unable to levy direct ____________
19.American diplomat to France, second only to Washington as indispensable
20.negotiated away Mississippi navigation rights for Spanish trade concessions
21.terrible Continental Army suffering at this winter headquarters
22.first battle of the Revolutionary War
26.opponents of Revolution; Tories

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