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Numeracy - Budgeting

Mr :D

For developing language associated with a Year 10 Numeracy Project

1 2
3   4                    
6                 7    
9                 10  
11     12                
13           14              

3.Things left over that do not belong under a given label
5.A plan to keep things in balance
6.Work out the answer
8.A logical description
9.Like a guess, but better
11.Made up, or pretend
13.Money coming in
14.The process of splitting into equal parts
15.Money going out
16.Provider of a service such as electricity
1.Money you pay in case something goes wrong
2.The mathematical operation - "times"
4.A computer program set out in a grid
7.Money that you can afford to keep in a bank account
10.Split into equal parts
12.A design from which to make copies

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