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5.It is the duty of ____ to make laws.
7.A ___ is a change made to the Constitution.
8.The first ten amendment are known as the Bill of ___.
12.There are ___ stripes on the U.S. flag.
13.___ Americans were not given the right to vote until 1924.
14.___ was the 50th state added to our union.
1.The oldest person to sign the Constitution was ____ Franklin.
2.___ is the supreme law of the United States.
3.There are ___ spreme court justices.
4.The ____ of the United States elect congress.
6.The end of ___ was bought on by the13th amendment.
9.___ Washington was one of the only Presidents to sign the Constitution.
10.The youngest person to sign the Constitution is Johnathan ____.
11.James ____ is know as the "Father of the Constitution".

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