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  2 3
  6   7        
9             10 11
  12               13          
14   15     16              
17               18          
    19     20   21
22       23            
24           25        

4.Wife of Aquila & missionary partner to Paul
6.First wife of Jacob
8.Amidianite princess who was killed by Phinehas (grandson of Aaron)
9.Mother of Jesus
12.Sister of David
13.Wife of King Ahasuerus in Book of Ruth
14.First woman
16.Woman who Samson loved and became his downfall
17.Moses' Sister
18.Daughter-in-law of Judah
19.Second wife of Jacov, sister to Leah
22.Mother of Solomon
24.Mother of Samuel
25.Sister-in-law to Ruth
26.Married to Boaz, Daughter-in-law to Naomi
1.Wife of Moses
2.Disciple of Jesus
3.Mother-in-law to Ruth
5.Ruthless Queen
7.Caleb's wife
10.Queen who saved her people
11.Leah's handmaid who becomes wife of Jacob
15.Mother of John The Baptist
16.Judge of Israel in Old Testament
20.Egyptian handmaiden of Sarah & wife of Abraham
21.One of the first converts to Christianity
23.Wife of Abraham & Mother of Isaac

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