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Scientific Method

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2.to make up and plan an experiment, how it will go, and what it will prove
6.to use your skills and knowledge to look at information and make a statement
8.in an experiment, to watch, write down, or log all of the results
13.the numbers and formation you collect when doing an experiment
14.looking at mistakes to try to determine why they happened
15.to tell others about our experiment by talking and writing up the experiment
16.having to do with science and its rules
17.to look at information carefully, looking for patterns or solutions
1.to perform an experiment
3.the time when you look at and study a problelm
4.things you guess will happen in an experiment
5.what you think is the answer to the problem
7.looking at the experiment again to seeif you have the right answer
9.looking and recording what you see
10.things you affect in an experiment to see if it makes a difference
11.things you leave the same when you do an experiment
12.an idea that you should be able to prove by investigating

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