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Bluejacket English IV

Shyla McGlasson

Vocabulary Workshops #1-4

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3.an unbeatable rival
6.to calm down
8.talking too smoothly to be sincere
10.to take in things such as knowledge
12.happening by a chance; fate
13.to take away
16.to leave your native home; exile
17.not true, made up
18.hostile; liking to fight
19.quick to make mad
20.someone who knows everything
23.a fake name that is used by an author
27.exagerated to the point of being comical
28.to ridicule or satirize
29.smart in a physical or mental way
1.in a disguise; using a fake name
2.fake bravery or confidence
4.something that is obviously exagerated
5.switching from one thing to another; rambling
7.to show something publicly
9.having a delicate skill
11.sad to an exaggerated degree
14.a person who acts like a dictator
15.fascinated by something; hypnotic
19.a formal conversation
21.to be told about something
22.a bad guy; someone with a bad reputation
24.a song in a funeral
25.discontent from lack of interest
26.overused and stale

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