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Bluejacket English IV


vocabulary workshops #1-4

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3.pretending to be brave when your really a coward!
6.dictator. one who controls everything!
8.out of context exagerated story
9.to make fun of or diss
11.complete knowledge
12.soft spoken, calm to handle a situation
14.claim to be true
16.a fish tale, a story exxagerated
19.take whats not yours, steal
20.rival, enemy
24.to be mellow
26.fighter, querrelsome
27.going from one topic to another
28.blened in with surroundings, disguised
29.having a bad reputation
1.a meeting and conversating
2.form of sad grieving in poetry and music!
4.pretending something that isnt real.
5.bored lack of interest
7.made up name
8.with skill and delicately
10.an intense facination with one thing
13.common, overused, cliche
15.smart. very tricky
17.upset, sad,
18.accept a group or culture
21.being an outcast. exhiled from ones home
22.easily to get mad
23.to know something, to be informed of

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