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4.the height of a waves crest above the middle position
6.Ranges from low-energy radiation (radio waves) to high-energy gamma radiation
7.Contained in sunlight along with infrared and visible light, Your body uses it to make vitamin D
12.signal has a wave length longer than 100 metres
14.Transferred to us as heat via the Sun, Given this name because they are next to red light in the visible spectrum
15.the distance between successive crests or troughs
16.the transfer of energy without matter
17.the number of waves produced each second
1.examples are visible light, microwaves and x-rays
2.signal has a wavelength of around 3 metres
3.Wavelength of around one-hundred-billionth of a metre, Can only be stopped by thick sheet of lead or a concrete wall, Produced when making nuclear power
5.generated naturally in our upper atmosphere and from stars, including the stars
8.All the colours of the rainbow, Each colour has a different wavelength and frequency
9.particles that vibrate at right angles to the direction of the motion of a wave
10.Absorbed by water, fats, sugars in food, Causes vibration and heat, Glass, paper and many plastics don’t absorb these, Metal reflects these
11.Used to investigate the structure of objects and to find flaws in metals, This radiation has such high energy it can damage cells and tissues, genetic materials inside cells
13.Longest wavelengths of all types of electromagnetic radiation

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