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My kitchen

Arna Borg

In this puzzle there are things that you can find in your kitchen.

2 3       4        
    8 9      
  10           11       12
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19           20  
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3.You cut your food on it.
6.You store your food in it that needs to keep cold.
9.You cook your meals in it.
10.You put dirty dishes in it.
14.You eat ice-cream with it.
17.You pick up hot food with it while it's cooking.
18.You pour our cereal in it.
19.You use it to clean your dishes.
21.You use it to put food in your mouth.
22.You eat on it.
1.You dry up spills with it.
2.You cut with it.
4.You smear this on your bread
5.You store your ice-cream in it.
7.You cook your food on it, e.g. chicken.
8.You put food in it, e.g. salad or pop-corn.
11.You use it to get water or wash up dishes.
12.You cook your meals on it.
13.You toast your bread in it.
15.You store your food in it.
16.You bake with this, e.g. a bread or a cake.
20.You pour it on your cereal.

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