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What Do You Know About David?

Joey Harris

This is a list of facts relating to King David of Israel.

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2.Bathsheba's murdered husband.
3.David was from this tribe.
4.Approximate age of David when he became king.
7.He was a direct physical ancestor.
9.Rebelled against his father.
13.Made David feel guilty about adultery with Bathsheba.
14.David's father.
16.This is where Jesse was from.
17.Saul fell on this when he died.
19.Murdered by Baanah and Rechab.
20.Assaulted his step-sister.
23.Also known as the City of David
24.David carried this for King Saul.
25.Saul killed thousands. David killed this many thousands.
29.Succeeded David as King.
30.The name of the Edomite that murdered 85 priests and families.
31.Anointed David as Saul's successor.
1.Jesse had this many sons.
5.David pretended to be this so Achish wouldn't kill him.
6.David's great general.
8.David's close friend.
10.His partner in adultery.
11.David did this when Saul died.
12.This was the part of God David was after.
15.Invited to live in David's palace.
17.Israel's first king, David's predecessor.
18.Assaulted step-sister.
21.David played this musical instrument.
22.David died at this age.
26.David was King of this group of people (country).
27.Approximate number of years David reigned.
28.Another name for the City of Jerusalem.

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