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Social Studies Review due Wed. 9/12/12

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1.The _____ civilization built the capital city Tenochtitlan in Central America. (p. 33)
4.respected female leaders (p. 56)
7.In which general direction would you travel if you went from Nashville, TN to Little Rock, AR? (p. 12)
8.Over many years Paleo-Indians crossed the _____ land bridge. (p. 29)
9.disagreement (p. 60)
12.The _______ claimed Middle TN as their hunting ground. (p. 60)
13.The _____ built the first cities in the Americas. (p. 32)
14.synonym for extra (p. 37)
2.what the woodland Indians called corn, beans, and squash (p. 45)
3.a small communtity of people living in one place (p. 58)
4.At a ceremony called the ___ ___, the Hopi danced and prayed for a good a harvest. (p. 39)
5._________ is zero degrees latitude. (p. 90)
6.an open area (p. 55)
9.The ____ built towns in southeastern TN. (p. 61)
10.A group of people who make laws. (p. 55)
11.______is a human activity that changes the land. (p. 22)

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