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The Great Depression

R Willmot

1     2     3 4
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1.The price of these crashed in 1929.
6.Some men wore these in order to get work.
7.With wool, this product made up 75% of Australian exports in the 1920s.
9.Unemployment meant that the government could not raise money from these.
13.An economic crisis.
14.Governments tried to balance this by cutting spending.
16.A result of the Great Depression.
19.The opposite to economic depression.
20.Most of these kinds of government projects stopped after 1929.
22.Reducing spending and increasing taxation creates this.
1.This project provided work during the Depression in Australia.
2.A disease of poverty.
3.In 1926 these people were affected by a drop in exports.
4.Sustenance relief.
5.The location of the New York Stock Exchange.
7.A product whose sales were affected by the Depression.
8.A rattler.
10.Happy Valley was one of these.
11.What you became when evicted.
12.The world economic dominance of this country spread the Depression.
15.The loss of this was hard to bear.
17.Desperate overseas banks wanted these repaid by Australain governments.
18.Some men were out of work for this period.
21.Businesses and banks did this as a result of the crash.

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