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Expansion transformed South Africa

C Rothwell

Gr 10 Term 3 revision

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3.____ Britons were encouraged to immigrate to the Cape after the Napoleonic Wars.
4.Many settlers were ___ and had no interest in rural life.
7.Britain was the world's leading ____ power in the 1820s.
9.In 1834 the British government abolished slavery entirely throughout the _____.
11.Four years of unpaid _____ meant that not much changed for the former slaves.
14.In 1823 Somerset issued a proclamation announcing the ______ of slavery.
16.The Cape was temporarily ______ by the British in 1795 when Holland fell under the occupation of France.
17.The farming of maize, rye, barley and ___ sheep contributed significantly to the economy.
1._____ lead a rebellion partly because he believed that slaves were to be freed.
2.Slave _____ began in Koeberg near Malmesbury in 1808.
5.Britain did not want the French revolutionaries to take possession of such a ____ important location.
6.Salve owners accepted the change because they were ____ by the British government.
8._____ rights granted to slaves gave them the confidence to approach their owners with complaints.
10.The _____ _____ meant that Khoi had to carry passes.
12.Many British ___ established businesses in the Cape.
13.The British tried to settle the San on mission stations, giving them their own _____.
14.After years of pressure from Wilberforce and others, the British parliament ____ the slave trade throughout the empire in 1807.
15.In 1799 the Khoi and San staged a major ____ in an attempt to reclaim their land.

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