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Latin American Music

Mrs. Wuchter

Peru, Puerto Rico and Mexico

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1.What instrument does Carlos Santana play?
3.In Puerto Rico there have always been two major varities in music, African influenced and ______________________ influenced.
6.What was the name of the big music festival that Santana's band first got to play?
8.This is the oldest form of folk music in Mexico.
10.This is considered the backbone of Puerto Rican folk music.
11.The Mexican banda music is instrumental music made up of percussion instruments, brass accompaniment and what other instrument?
13.This style of music is often called "Tex-Mex".
16.This is the medium pitched drum in Puerto Rican music.
17.This peruvian instrument is a basically a wooden box that the musician sits on then hits the sides to create rhythms.
18.This is the type of music you would hear at festivals in Peru.
2.This artist is well known for combining Latin grooves with big band swing.
3.What was the name of Santana's band's 1969 release? (first album).
4.This type of music is popular because it speaks to the common people. The lyrics often reflect stories about illegal activiites.
5.Who arrived in Peru in the early 1500s to conquer the Incas?
7.This instrument is made out of an armadillo shell and is one of the coolest instruments found in the Andes.
9.The main music style of the Jibaros is called what?
12.This is what the music of the high class in Puerto Rico is called.
14.These are the names of the panpipes found in Peru.
15.This is the most popular music amongst teens in Peru.

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