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Geometry 1-1, 1-6, & 1-7


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3.sum of the areas of each face of a solid
4.some points or lines pass through the interior
7.measure of the amount of space a solid encloses
8.points that are on the same line
9.made up points and has no thickness or width - has an arrowhead at each end
13.point, line, & plane - geometry word for things that do not have any actual size
14.circular base and a vertex
15.2 segments or shapes that have the same measure
16.polyhedron with all faces except for one, intersecting at one vertex
17.flat surface made up of points - has no depth & extends infinitely in all directions
18.not polyhedrons - some or all of the faces in each of these solids are not polygons
19.polygon with n sides
20.a location
22.polyhedron with 2 parallel congruent faces - named by the shape of their bases
24.closed figure whose sides are all segments
25.are angles in a polygon
26.intersection of 3 edges
27.a solid with all flat surfaces that enclose a single region of space
1.boundless 3dimensional set of all points - it contains lines and planes
2.if all of its faces are regular congruent polygons and all edges are congruent
5.solid with congruent circular bases in a pair of parallel planes
6.solid with 2 faces, called bases, formed by congruent polygons that lie in parallel planes
10.ways of creating geometric figures without the benefit of measuring tools
11.line segments where the faces intersect
12.convex polygon where all sides are congruent
15.points that lie on the same plane
21.no points of the lines are in the interior
23.set of points in space that are a given distance from a given point.

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