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Present past and future tenses


1   2
3   4   5
6         7   8 9 10    
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1.We all------on a chair at the table for class.
4.I -------- my friends at the beach last week.
6.Yesterday I ----------- to work.
9.The dolphin---------around the boat.
11.Where do you -------- in Dli?
12.Who ----------- the dirty floor?
14.A bird ---------- up in the sky.
15.Who -------- the door thismorning?
16.They ________ for a new car.
19.Can you -------- very fast?
20.They -------their family in Maliana.
2.She -------- a picture of the mountain.
3.She ------- the child a present.
5.The chef ------------ dinner at the restaurant.
7.The taxi driver ------a taxi.
8.The teacher ------------the children each day.
10.Last month we -------at Memorial Hall.
13.He ______ the newspaper tomorrow.
17.They------- the door when they came into the room
18.She -------- her name on the book.

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