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Colonial Period of South Carolina

Matthew Collins

A crossword made on the Colonial Period of South Carolina

4   5  
    8     9
        10   11
14     15     16            

2.2nd governor of South Carolina
3.Leader of Frenchmen attempting to settle South Carolina, they failed
6.Social System brought to South Carolina and meaning that holding land in exchange of service
12.A plant grown to make a dye of the same name, a cash crop of South Carolina
13.Leader of peace seeking Chereokees in war with the South Carolinans
16.made into cigarettes
17.Christians who split completely from the Church of England
18.disease spread throughout the colony through mosquitoes
19.Area largely populated by Scots and Irish
1.A permission given to a group of people from the government to start a colony
2.The name of the tribe of Native Americans that they warred with
4.The capital of South Carolina
5.Name of the colonists who shaped the Carolina colonies
7.Large farms made for major export crops
8.Scottish soldier
9.the island that the first English settlers in South Carolina came from
10.Religious group coming to South Carolina at end of 15th century
11.Name of river that was part of the border of South Carolina
14.Area settled by people of German descent
15.South Carolinan Governor that attacked the Chereokees with 1100 men

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