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1.Type of financial fraud where people pay to join an organization in exchange for the right to sell memberships to others
4.Nonprofit organization that helps consumer solve problems
7.Order requiring business to stop using an advertisement that is deceptive
14.Court that handle suits for small dollar amounts in which it does not involve a lawyer
15.Created to enforce laws that protect our environment
17.Remedy to a problem
18.Practice of baiting consumer with an advertised but nonexistent bargain then switching them to a more expensive product
19.Situation in which there is only one company that sells a specific product or service
20.Unwritten guarantee that a product is of sufficient quality to fulfill the purpose for which it is designed
21.Resource that can be used to look up reviews on products that have been tested by consumers
22.Pressuring consumers to buy a more expensive product than they had intended
2.Protects consumers from dangerous and or hazardous products
3.Deliberate deception designed to secure unlawful gain
5.Responsible for protecting consumers from unfair or deceptive business practices
6.Specific written agreement
7.Seeks to protect and inform consumer by requiring such practices as honest advertising, product warranties, and improved safety standards
8.When an impartial third party hears both side of a dispute and will make a decision
9.Company's promise that the product will meet specific standards over a given time period
10.When a store prices an item below cost to attract you into the store
11.Has limitations
12.Contest among sellers to win customers
13.Specific period of time in which a consumer can back out of an agreement to buy something
16.Last step in the complaint process. Used as a last resort

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