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Cryptic Cube 1

1 2
3     4                 5      
6                     7
9   10   11      
12               13        
          15 16    
18 19                        
21                 22      

3.L’animal du Marquis de Carabas. (4, 2, 5) (3 Words)
5.He committed trespass, theft, enticement, murder and ecological vandalism, and lived happily ever after. (4)
6.An endless holler while making her bed might cause a disaster in Germany. (4, 5) (2 Words)
8.Featuring bread, parental abandonment, more bread, humanitarians, and an oven. (6, 3, 6) (3 Words)
11.The mortal enemy of princesses. (3)
12.She was bartered away for some rampion, fell in love with the only man she met, and possessed healing tears. (8)
17.There’s absolutely no conspiracy to commit treason, aiding and abetting treason, actual treason, breach of contract or cheating going on here, oh no. (15)
19.The other charming Prince. (6, 4) (2 Words)
21.The thorny rose pricks itself. And we have another necrophilic/rapist hero. (5, 4) (2 Words)
23.Breaking and entering, trespass, theft, and destruction of property are just right. (10)
1.Curiosity killed the wife. (9)
2.The end. (7, 4, 5) (3 Words)
4.A teller of tales was she, her jaded sister her accomplice. (12)
7.When. (4, 4, 1, 4) (4 Words)
9.Too many critters or too less, this town is in a breach. (7)
10.She rose from the ashes because of her foot size. And luck. And a spirit. And luck. Did we mention luck? (10)
13.Where. (3, 3, 4) (3 Words)
14.A raven is like a writing-desk here. So off with its head! (10)
15.The heroine’s a vampire who doesn’t suck blood. The hero’s a necrophile and a sadist. (4, 5) (2 Words)
16.He hoodwinked her into straying from the path. (3, 3, 4) (3 Words)
18.Baa baa black witch, have you any witch[a]? (2 Words)
20.The soultion to this clue is in a character in a (many) fairy-tale(s) in a folklore in a mythology in a collection of all mythologies on the planet Earth around the Sun. (7)
22.Lesser known 1’s lesser known sister. (4, 3) (2 Words)

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