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Metrics and Motion

1 2
3 4                  
  5                 6        
  7                 8            
  9 10    
11         12            
          13     14
15         16  

4.An educated guess
5.There are 1000 meters in one of these.
6.Distance per time
7.There are 1000 of these in one gram
8.Name of the group in an experiment that is used as a comparison group
11.The name of the variable in an experiment that you change or are testing for
13.There are 1000 of these in one kilogram
17.The S.I. base unit for measuring volume
18.The rate at which you change your velocity
19.You do this with your data in the 4th step of the scientific method
20.There are 10 of these in one centimeter
1.This is what "S.I." stands for
2.Type of graph that is used to compare 2 variables
3.Last step of the scientific method is to form this
9.This is approximately equal to the width of your little finger
10.The name of the variable that you measure in an experiment
12.This is the 3rd step of the scientific method
14.The S.I. base unit for measuring length
15.Speed and direction of an object
16.The length between 2 points

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