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The Great Gatsby vocab 3 - 4

Sandra Cardella

Vocabulary Worksheet for Chapters 3-4

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3.appearing or happening at irregular intervals in time; occasional.
5.a loud, confused noise; a continued loud or tumultuous sound; noisy clamor.
6.heroic courage; bravery.
8.topassintoorthrough every part of; to penetrate through the pores; to be diffused through; pervade; saturate.
12.characterized by sudden or rash action, emotion, etc. impulsive.
13.strongly emotional; intense or passionate.
14.large or bulky of body; portly; stout; fat.
17.related to sleepwalking.
19.to draw or bring out or forth; educe; evoke.
20.containing error; mistaken; incorrect; wrong.
1.having a shrill, irritating quality or character.
2.punishment from a higher being for bad deeds or transgressions.
4.an indirect comment about a person or thing, esp.of a disparaging or a derogatory nature.
7.to change continually; shift back and forth.
9.a king or prince in India; a minor chief or dignitary.
10.havingthemanners,andviewpointsconside red characteristic of unsophisticated inhabitants of a province; rustic; narrow or illiberal.
11.any NewYorker.
15.courteous and gracious; friendly; warm.
16.easy and sprightly in manner or bearing.
18.lacking in ideas or intelligence.

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